Rock Pi 4C+ - Network speed unacceptably slow


I Finally have the RockPi 4C+ up and running Debian. APT update issues, Fan issues and 3rd party software issues all resolved.

However, the network speed is unacceptably slow. I’m running a 10GB Backbone to a 1GB Fiber up-link to my network provider.
Every PC, Tablet and phone connected to the internet gets anywhere from 300ish to max 999 up and comparable down depending on WiFi or wired.
The RockPi 4C+ is Wired. It should be getting what the other wired PC’s get which is the max speed of 999/999 up and down.
It’s getting in the low 40’s Down and the high 60’s up. That’s 20-25 times slower than it should be.
Is anyone else suffering like this and has a solution to share?
Are there any settings for Debian that I missed?


I am facing same trouble, did you find anything?

same trouble here…

Unfortunately no. The support here is not quite what I was hoping for. Hard wired on a FIOS 1G and all I get is low 40’s.
Wish a DEV or someone would chime in.

Please check the latest 5.10 kernel b55 release for 4C+

This issue is not shown during the test.

Do I have to burn another image and reload Debian from scratch or is there a way to just update the OS without losing everything?

I burned a new image and the network speed is only showing a minor improvement.
Also, the image above uses radxa/radxa for the logon, but the Admin Password is not valid.

What is the Admin password for the 5.10 Image listed above?

You can use sudo passwd root to set the root password.

Can you check the network speed after the following command:

echo 5 > /proc/irq/35/smp_affinity_list

ok - not sure what that command did but my network speed seems MUCH improved. I am now getting 250Mb Down and 390Mb up. Not perfect but I will take it!

It cared about IRQ affinity and moved processing the Ethernet interrupts away from cpu0 (a little A53 core that might not even clock at high clockspeeds when needed) to a big A72 core. Some people (like me) call SMP and IRQ affinity ‘basic optimisations’ and that’s why I added this stuff back in 2016 to Armbian :slight_smile:

@jack what about taking care of Receive Packet Steering (RPS) too? As in