Rock pi 4C + heatsink


I have a Rock Pi 4C+ from Allnet and it came with an “active heatsink” option which is a small aluminium heatsink and a small fan. The small fan works, but is quite noisy. I wanted to buy the larger heatsink from Allnet, which is listed as Rock Pi 4C compatible, but it appears that it is designed for the CPU to be mounted on the bottom side of the board, and the 4C+ board has the cpu mounted on the top side of the board?

Can anyone provide a link to a suitable large heatsink I can use for the 4C+ model? And I would also be interested in a cpu fan with speed adjustment so I can lower the rotation speed and decrease the noise output.

Many thanks

Same question here… What are our 4C+ options for a heatsink? Cant find anything anywhere and what I can find seems to be only for the 4C