Rock Pi 4C+ Etherenet Issue

I am having issues with the Ethernet on my Rock Pi 4C+, V1.2. Using the latest Debian Bullseye Desktop. The first thing I notice is that the Green LED does not turn on when the Ethernet cable is plugged in. Is it supposed to? The Yellow LED is on, and blinks when there is traffic.The eth hardware chip is RTL8211F.

I have configured the the /etc/network/interfaces file to set a static ip to eth0. Checking ip -c addr show shows that sometimes the ip is set and sometimes it isn’t. Often the state of eth0 is UNKNOWN. I can reset it via systemctl restart networking which sets the ip most of the time. I can via ssh with a host computer sometimes, but sometimes the connection randomly drops, and I don’t see the correct ip address in ip -c addr show.

Any help is appreciated.

For those that care, I reached out to Radxa about this. Since they use NetworkManager they recommend setting the static ip via that. It is simple enough to do through the interface nmtui, I am sure it can also be done thorough nmcli. I made this change and haven’t noticed any issues yet.

They also recommended disabling the systemd service dhcpcd via systemctl disable dhcpcd. I didn’t do this since I assume it will also kill the dhcp service for wifi. But maybe it is worth doing if issues come up.

Also as far as the LED’s are concerned, Radxa said that there has been some inconstancy about LED behaviour…