Rock Pi 4C Case and POE head, need clarification!

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It is listed the poe hat support 4B, what about 4C?
shop.allnetchina. cn/ collections/rock-pi-4-accessories/products/rock-pi-4b-poe-hat

And this two cases, are they compatible with 4C?

I will put NVME, POE and 4C in the case.
The page for ecopi starter didn’t say if it has enough clearance for POE and NVME installed.

This antenna as well. Is it compatible with 4C?

It’s only compatible with the RockPi4C that has the mounted UFL connector:


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Thank you so much for uploading the picture. I see the difference now.

Hi, the cases you chose do not fit Rock Pi 4C. They are only for 4A/B.

This case is correct:

The PoE hat you mentioned does also work with Rock Pi 4C.

It is possible to mount both the M.2 extension board and the PoE hat inside the case but it is a bit tricky. Because of the increased heat the PoE HAT fan will most likely always be on.