Rock Pi 4B PoE boards with long headers?

I’m trying to find the long header version of a PoE board for the 4B+, but I’ve been unable to find them in stock anywhere. I have a couple of spare PoE boards for the Raspberry Pi 4 (but no way to get a Raspberry Pi 4 before late next year).

So two questions:

  1. Does anybody know a source that actually keeps these boards in stock, preferably in the U.S.?
  2. Alternatively, does anybody know a simple way to adapt the (easily available) Raspberry Pi 4 PoE boards to fit the Rock Pi 4, ideally without requiring too much extra vertical clearance?

And before you ask, no, I can’t use the version with short headers. The project I’m working on requires almost half of the pins on the 40-pin connector. :slight_smile: