Rock PI 4B or Rock PI 4B+

I’m looking for a single board computer for my project and can’t decide between rock pi 4b and rock pi 4b+.
The Rock Pi 4b+ has a more powerful processor, which is great because it will be used to transfer large files. But before making a final decision, I wanted to ask the community if you can advise something.

I’m interested in the following:

  • Does the rock pi 4b+ have cooling problems? I saw that the presence of emmc affects this.
  • What is the boot priority on rock pi 4b+, is it possible to skip emmc and boot from ssd
  • Compatibility with ssd. Different SSDs don’t work on different Rock Pi devices. Will the SSD models that I have been able to run on Rock Pi 4b devices work on Rock Pi 4b+ devices?