Rock Pi 4B Missing X server

It’s possible that on Rock Pi 3A I was able to get X and Display servers running by ssh.
And installed an ElectronJS app.

But now on Rock Pi 4B+ nothing to do, not only does Electron apps not compile, but it gives me X server error, I tried multiple solutions, but nothing, yet I used the Rock 3A system, Debian Buster 10.

Can anyone tell me if anything changes? if the new Electron updates no longer work on ARM, but even if they did, why don’t I get display X from console ssh?

electron --disable-gpu .

No protocol specified
[16052:1120/] Missing X server or $DISPLAY
[16052:1120/] The platform failed to initialize. Exiting.
/home/rock/testapp/node_modules/electron/dist/electron exited with signal SIGSEGV
[sudo] password di rock: npm ERR! Test failed. See above for more details.

Thanks to anyone who can tell me more