Rock Pi 4B+ is available now

I see that the revised (and ~11% faster) 4B+ is now available for purchase at Allnet China.

  1. Is it actively shipping, or would an order placed now be merely a pre-order?
  2. Do all of the listed 4B accessories work properly with the 4B+?
  3. How far down the road is the 8GB LPDDR4 version?

don’t buy it if you want to boot from NVMe. You will have a super hard time with that and eventually not get it working.

If you boot from one of the other options it’s a great device!

I’ve only heard of NVMe booting problems with the 4C version. I have high hopes that this will not be an issue for the new 4B+.

Stop saying BS @markg85. Yoh clearly biased, because you don’t have any knowledge and expect PC level support from DEVELOPER SBC. So many people actually followed and read wiki and had positive experience. And here you are, refusing to read and try to scare out other buyer, without telling them whole picture

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@Larry, as long as you follow wiki regarding supported NVMe you can expect that everything worked. Also, ambian with mainline kernel and uboot, most likely, have wider support for nvme boot

And regarding your question, I’m not seller, so I can’t say for 100%, but:

  1. When there is pre-order it says pre-order, like it was with SATA HAT for RasPi, so yes, you can order
  2. Except eMMC, which now embedded. The only difference is GHz, since it’s slightly better silicon (aka all of OP1 chips are silicon lottery winner).
  3. I don’t think it’s possible with rk3399, since it’s limited to 4gb by chip hardware design. Your best shot for 8gb+ is RK3588, but that around fall-2021, winter-2022
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Thank you @Dante4!!!

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Does anyone have nominal Geekbench 4 and Geekbench 5 scores for the new Rock Pi 4B+ with 4GB Ram and the 32GB eMMC yet?

Will there be a 4B+ with 128GB of embedded (soldered to the board) eMMC soon?

Will there be a version with interchangeable eMMC?