Rock pi 4b control GPIO without root authority

I’m running Rock Pi 4B with official debian 10 system. I want to control GPIOs, so I followed the description in page libmraa to do so, but I found that I could only use cmd run with root to control GPIOs. Many of my IDEs such as VS Code, Qt5 and so on cannot run code default with root authority. At past, I give up to use such IDEs and run CMake with root authority, but now I need Qt5 to design GUI. So I’m wondering how can I control GPIOs without libmraa which needs root authority, or how to use libmraa without root authority? Thanks

yours sincerely

Hm. What about running them from user which is sudo user by default?

Thanks for your idea!
I totallly switched lightdm to gdm in order to run root on startup with autologin.