Rock Pi 4B - 3.5mm audio jack with mic not working

Hi all,
Im using Android 9 tablet version on rock pi 4B. Audio output is perfectly fine, but microphone is not working. I’m sure that my headphone is 4pin connector.

Any idea?


Hi, @ryan.low, I am facing the same problem here… Were you able to solve it? Could you get a bluetooth device to work instead?

Hi @ryan.low @King_Aslan were you guys able to solve this issue? I’m also facing the same issue. Onboard microphone, 3.5mm audio IN, Bluetooth microphone none of the 3 are working.

Hi, I`ve the same problem. Android 9 is installed and tried to connect a mini mic via usb. at sound recorder it’s not detected. also at Skype it’s not working. Yet I didn’t try out audio jack…

Hello, @ryan.low. I had a similar issue on rock pi 4c. Have you tried opening alsamixer and changing differential mux parameter from lin1-rin1 to lin2-rin2?