Rock Pi 4B+ 1.73 only usb-otg working

I’ve already tried 7 images: official ubuntu server, debian buster(5.10 kernel), android 11, armbian(bullseye, jammy xfce), manjaro(kde) and twister os. Installed on emmc via otg cable. All images was for rockpi4b. So here are my results.
Ubuntu and debian: none of usb ports are working
Other images: only usb 3.0 otg is working.
Is it hardware issue or am i missing something?

There is a USB OTG switch under the bottom of USB ports, did you switch it to the right direction?

What is the “right direction”?

On the back of the board, there is H(igh)&L(ow) at the switch side, you should switch to L for HOST mode.

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