Rock Pi 4A and DSI screen conflicts with Ethernet

I’m having trouble getting the raspberry Pi 7" screen working with the Rock Pi 4A (v1.5). I have the 7" screen which includes a CSI camera as well. If I enable the screen in hw_intfc.conf, then the ethernet port fails. I’ve tried this with a few variants of bionic and debian.

I really need to get the screen, the OV5647 camera and the ethernet working all together. Do I need to enable/disable anything else in hw_intfc? any other pointers


Would you please check whether Ethernet work well before screen/camera are connected? Like commands ‘ifconfig eth0’ and ‘ping’.

Then please check your hardware connection, like the DSI and CSI connectors.

See DSI and CSI connectors definition table here,

For Raspberry Pi 7’’ Touchscreen usage, please refer to this guide,

Select this dtbo.


Ignore the camera for now.
Without the screen overlay loaded, ethernet works.
enable the screen overlay (intfc:dtoverlay=raspberrypi-7-inch-lcd) - the screen works but then the ethernet does not. attempts to manually configure it with with ifconfig etc do not work. Remove the intfc line, and the ethernet is working again.

The screen and camera are connected fine and work with raspberry pi

This suggests to me that there is something like an IRQ / SPI / I2C clash occurring

It turns out that I have two different Rock Pi 4’s.

The one labelled ROCK PI 4A V1.4 - the screen and ethernet work together
The one labelled ROCK PI 4 V1.5 - is where I have the problem.

I thought I purchased a 4A, but it does not specify, it just says Pi 4 v1.5 (and i’ve not seen any other references to v1.5 anywhere else). How do I determine what it is?