Rock pi 4 with sata quad


I tried to curl the rockpi-sata install on a fresh manjaro distribution on rockpi 4 but the output is:

*** The script is not available on your system
*** Please visit
It is not clear how to manually install it. In the git is no word about how to install it.

I also tested the rockpi4 with debian, the same result.
Then tried to test Bluetooth.errors…

I can not recommend this rock pi 4 so far. With the pure raspberry pi 4 all works out of the box.

By the way, I have installed the sata hat with one harddisk and under RPI4 and there the harddisk is recoginized and can be written. Under Rock pi the output lsblk doesnt show the harddisk.

if you check the you fetched from github, it said only support ubuntu and raspbian. so basically i have same issue. i think we need to reinstall ubuntu and then we can try this script.

hi i could not get it to work with ubuntu 20.04that i downloaded from a radxa site
but i also tried amrbian 10 and it worked except for now i can’t boot from emmc

As a follow up to the above problem. To get Armbian 10 to boot from emmc, you need erase the SPI flash. Once I erased the flash then I could get it to boot.

This is fairly well documented at the Armbian website.