Rock Pi 4 with Camera Module V2

Hi all

The Rock Pi is running on Android 9. How to test the camera module is working?
I have opened the default camera app, and then it can’t open the camera.

@Lili Any suggestions?

$(source code)/RKDocs/common/camera/HAL3/*.pdf It might help you.
You first need to enable mipi/isp drivers,
And modify ‘/vendor/etc/camera/camera3_profiles_rk3399.xml’ according to your camera.

Hi Lili

This camera is [Raspberry pi official camera module v2-IMX 912].
Does the Android 9 image support it ?

Currently not supported, we are working on camera adaptation.

I am newbie to Android. Could you please explain in more details how to modify code to support camera module v2?

Our camera is not working properly yet. We will submit relevant modifications after the debugging is completed.

If you know Chinese, you can read $(source code)/RKDocs/common/camera/HAL3/*.pdf first.

ok, I will read the documents, thanks.

Hi samson
We release new version to supprot Camera Module V2