Rock Pi 4 vs Raspberry Pi 4

You are being obtuse.

The 96boards CARRIER BOARD has PCIe and M2 sockets right on it. How many times do I have to repeat that?

And while not a forced standard, MANY CE boards have M2. In particular, Hikey960/970, Rock960, Dragonboard 820c, Dragonboard 845c.

I am not when the m.2 connector face off board so there is nothing to hold your m.2 card in.
Completely pointless why provide a m.2 to ribbon adapter and just have the ribbon adapter.
They are not standard don’t have economies of sale have stupid arrangements and cost a fortune.

DragonBoard820c (Basic Kit)

USD $199.00

I could buy a low end PC for that and to cap it off it has proper connectors but obviously connected by ribbon extenders :slight_smile:
Exactly what I was saying it doesn’t need the connector on board it needs the much cheaper and smaller format ribbon connector as you use one anyway.
Not one of the boards has the room to fit the devices that the connector is designed for how wonderfully clever and brilliant is that?

What’s your point?
And you site one example of a board that is too expensive for your tastes, while completely missing the point of an SBC, which is not to consume 4 cubic feet and 200+ watts.

Well its got a Qualcomm SoC on it, so of course its going to be more expensive.

If you want to compare it to a rockpi4 for price, then I suggest comparing it to a ROCK960C.
$69-$99 depending on the RAM.


The ROCK960C is a point in question just like the rockpi4 it has a more expensive larger format connector onboard but no room to fit any actual device.
It has a ribbon connector adapter and my point is why? Put the ribbon connector on board its cheaper and smaller as you have to use one anyway!


To use the m.2 on the rock960 you need to get the m.2 extender board as no device fits on board.

There is no ribbon cable on board that is true just a totally useless m.2 socket that for use needs a ribbon adapter!

Where do you even come up with the absurd idea that you NEED a ribbon cable to use it?

How do you mount a m.2 with no mounting points? It needs the extender board just like the RockPi4 does.

By plugging it directly into the socket.

Do you know how a m.2 socket works?

Clearly better than you do.

Clearly you don’t. I will stop there and people can have a laugh at you later.

The laugh is on you pal.

Have a look at any m.2 device on the board there is a screw mount which holds the board in torsion in the socket. Without it just doesn’t hold in place and that is how m.2 is designed.

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I guess the concept of mounting it on an external substrate is too complicated for you to grasp.

And how do you get to the external substrate oh genius!? By a ribbon connector!!!
The initial m.2 connector is totally pointless like I have been saying.

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Lets start with a very simple substrate.
Go to the store and buy a piece of plywood and a box of screws.

Keep taking the pills mate.

Like I said, the laugh will be on you.