Rock pi 4 ver 1.4 use as thin Client for Microsoft Remote Desktop

how i can use Rock pi 4 as thin client for Microsoft Remote Desktop ( RDP ) Client … ?

any Tested solution please share with me step by step…

armbian, armbian-config -> enabled RDP

You can use Debian or Ubuntu (with desktop) or Armbian as igorp said or Manjaro.

In case of Debian you need KRDC (Remmina should be possible by following this guide In my experience, KRDC have a little problem when you try to connect to user without password, while Remmina does not have this problem

In case of Ubuntu\Manjaro you need Remmina or KRDC, up to you

i go through the link … which option i can pick RasberyPi or Debian ? i have installed Debian 9 on RasberyPi 4