Rock pi 4с + ubuntu 20.04 + xfce + kodi

Hello all.
Looking for the way to use “normal” OS like ubuntu etc and Kodi on the same device.
I have installed Ubuntu 20.04 from
updated it and found out that all manuals about installing Kodi on Ubuntu - doesn’t related to Ubuntu on RockPi. They rather works only for x86 systems…
I can install lightweight WM like XFCE and then install Kodi from off repo via “apt install kodi” but for example - I cant configure autostart Kodi in this setup…
So I have a question - is it possible to have Ubuntu 20.04 with Xfce + Kodi or it is better to use different distro?

By no means am I a veteran with the Rock Pi. But in my travels I’ve learned with the Rock Pi you are limited to an OS. It will all depend on what are you must haves. Make a list of what you know you will want and need. Then compare them against the limitations of the Rock Pi ex: arm64 4GB Ram, etc.

For the most part I have learned that Buster seems to be the sweet spot for the Rock Pi. It just has the most support for arm64 usage imo.

I would really love if I can get Ubuntu Groovy Gorilla and the Penta SATA HAT support. :drooling_face: