Rock Pi 4 SE not booting

I have a new Rock Pi 4 SE. I have used Etcher to prepare a 64GB SD card with Debian. When I plug in the SD card and switch on the power, I get a green LED but nothing happens.

  1. I have tried with a basic Raspberry Pi PSU, and also an Apple higher rated PSU.
  2. When I put the SD card in my Mac, I am not able to view it in Finder. In Disk Utility it has four partitions but they won’t mount. With a Pi image, I can see the boot disk as a normal disk in Finder as soon as I plug it in.

Any hints on what I could try next would be welcome.



I’ll put my answer here in case it helps anyone. I tried again with a new download of Debian, and it now works. I have no idea why. The version that works for me is Debian Bullseye from the “Rock 4 SE” column on the downloads page.