Rock Pi 4 SE - is this a real thing?

I just noticed on Radxa, Rock Pi 4 download page a column for a Rock Pi 4 SE. I could not find anything about it on Radxa sites. I did find a place to pre-order it at

Is there a new Radxa release?


If a manufacturer takes the efforts to get FCC certification then most probably they’re doing this not just for fun. The FCC ID was listed at the referenced shop so here you go:

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Simple answer is yes. The company OKDO is about to distribute the new Rock 4 SE in September 2022. You can take a sneaky look at the specs on the OKDO web site.

Article about Rockpi 4 SE on linux gizmos website…

Just got round to trying a Rock 4 SE I bought from OKDO a few days ago.