Rock Pi 4 plus V1.72 doesn't boot up


I just received my "Rock Pi 4 Plus Model B Rockchip RK3399(OP1) Single Board Computer LPDDR4 4GB with WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 Support Twister OS " from Amazon.

After I connect HDMI to monitor and usb key board and mouse, I powered it up. But nothing boot up. Only power green LED is on. Twister OS suppose to be installed for this board. What else should I do to this board before I power it up? HELP !!!


When i bought my v1.72 it didn’t have any pre-installed OS, it’s possible that your board doesn’t have an OS either. If that’s the case, you should follow this tutorial to flash an image to it. Good luck

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Thank you for your info. I will try to flash an image.


There is another tutorial page, which includes the process to boot from an SD card (Step 3), rather than shorting two pins and going through the OTG port. In this process you would run from an SD blasted image, download the image you want to blast and then use DD to put it onto the eMMc.


Rock Pi plus V1.72 with onboard EMMC (32Gb)

I have been through all possible tutorial pages and have tried everything I can find. It will not boot from ECC and not boot from SD. I have no boot screen at all. Device seems dead except for green led, together with blue blinking led, or only green led in maskrom mode. I have not been able to find anyone having a solution for this.

Have you been able to get it working?

I followed the Option 2 procedure on my Rock Pi 4 B+ and it had been successful to program my on-board eMMC. Never did it again since I have been running a Penta Sata NAS and no point in fixing what isn’t broken, so I have not updated since that point. Not quite sure why I did not give the correct option number, for what I did, sorry about that.

Sorry I could not help more than that.