Rock Pi 4 - No Display

Running with a PoE hat. Can’t get any kind of display to a monitor. Tried both PoE and through the usb-c port. Tried a couple different burns of the Debian image. Tried taking a look at it through PuTTy and a serial cable and below is what I got. Might be worth mentioning that my computer crashed during one of the attempts. Honestly don’t know if that’s related, but it’s never happened before.


I’m not really sure what else to try.

I only know such pictures from defective graphics cards or defective memory

Thanks for your help. After reading some of the other posts here, I kind of assumed that we’d have to get a new board.

The solution ended up being a new cable

Great, sometimes defects are a lot easier than they first appear. My old RockPi 4b, for example, has a wobble on the HDMI port, but since it is used as a server it doesn’t matter. Thanks to SSH, that’s pretty easy to work around.

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