Rock PI 4 Model B+ Maskmode Issues

Hi, I’ve followed all the steps from the guide for flashing to onboard storage, and I’m getting stuck on the discovering device in maskmode step. I plug it in and release the maskmode button and the device is only shown as a maskmode device when I press the button again on the Rock pi.

Has anyone else encountered this issue ?
Thx :slight_smile:

I know it can be a pain in the rear. I also have had issues and I have found a fix or workaround for a few of them… I would need more info on the OS of the host, (I can only help if windows) I we also need the step by step and a screen shot or full error or issue… I am sorry I can not read your mind on what how you did it, what your steps were (not the guides) What was the image type, where and what OS is the image?

Make sure you loaded the driver on the windows system for the usb ( in less then win 10) . Check again sometimes you do and sometimes you do not have to short the SPI pins, BUT, once you are connected pull the jumper. Check to and make sure you do not use a USB C to USB A(?) it needs to be the cable they sent and it needs to be usb3 so check your port on your host and use the usb3 port.

Hunt : Make a working image on a SD card make sure it boots and is all happy… it only needs to be the boot os not apps are needed, you can go from here after it boots. But do not try to just burn a image you found on the sites to the ecmm unless you know from your past that it is good.
Once you have a working SD card then take that and make an image of it with Win32DiskImager. Then use this image top burn it…

Hey Brad, thanks for your response and taking the time to answer.
I ended up just flashing armbian to an SD card and then writing it to the eMMC with the installer.
That worked fine, but I’m still quite unsatisfied with the reliability of the builds.
Have you found a reliable minimal Linux distro you like using on your Rock Pi ?
I’ll test out your tips on my next attempt and let you know.

I found that Diet Pi will work… it is a lightweight and does what it needs to do…