ROCK PI 4 issue when i connect external USB sensor

Hello there…!

i have recently brought rock pi 4 board and booted OS with that and whole PI is working fine until unless i connect a sensor based on USB to the 2.0 ports of the PI **( so when i connect these USB sensor after powering on the PI my PI is going to reset state or i can tell that it powered off and if i give power on reset again it works fine so problem is when ever if i connect that USB sensor it was happening like this and i dint understand what might be the problem whether its some insufficient power or OS issue i didn’t figure out anything kindly help me with this…! find the given link for that USB sensor


What’s your power adapter? 5V?

5V/2A mobile charger

Change it to 9V/2A or 12V/2A, or use a USB PD power adapter.

Okey but i will connect POE hat later but ROCK PI headers accept only 5V right??? i cannot give 9V/2A to the 40 pin header on rock pi for time being i’ll use USB whats the solution for that when i supply power through header???

If you power from the GPIO header, you can only use 5V. If you power from usb c, you can use 9v/2A, 12V/2A or other PD/QC power adapter. If you use PoE HAT, make sure use the 23W ROCK Pi PoE HAT, which provides enough power for the board and the usb camera.