Rock Pi 4+ fails to boot, green LED, no video

I have a new Rock Pi 4+ 4GB with 32 GB eMMC. Nothing extra connected to the board. My understanding is that the board is pre-installed with Linux on the eMMC. As soon as I apply power, the LED next to the power connector lights up solid green, and stays that way. The connected monitor continues to say “no video input”. Where can I go next?

What is your monitor resolution? Did you try with another HDMI cable? You can also flash to uSD(microUSD) any mainline distro available for RockPi4 to see if it boots from uSD.

Thanks. I was afraid it wouldn’t look at the uSD when it has a soldered in eMMC module. But I’m glad to say it does :slight_smile: I’ve now booted Armbian Bullseye. (The monitor and cable are fine - old flat screen 1024 x 768 if I remember right).

Is there an easy way to get a usable system on to the eMMC module?

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