ROCK Pi 4 : dual screen on android system


I have a use case in which I have to connect 4K display using HDMI interface and additional display (4-7") with touch screen using MIPI DSI. MIPI screen will act as regular “tablet-like” display, with launcher and UI, and the 4K display will be used to show dedicated data on it.

Is this configuration possible with rock pi4? If yes, which image on which rock pi 4 version? Do we have SDK available for this version (I’d prefer to use my own display instead of raspberry pi stock one)?

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Check ROCK Pi 4C with Android 10. We have a demo here:

So, this will work only on rock pi 4 model C and it’s not possible to run dual display on model a/b?

Model C has very limitted supply and is either not available at all or out of stock. I’m also in a hurry and cant spare couple of weeks to wait for untested hardware. Is this android image production ready? Does it work with HDMI + DSI or HDMI + DP only?

I’ll be fine with older androids also.
This image support Raspberry Pi official 7" Display

dual screen api:


Thanks. My app is already using Presentation API. Does HDMI (in 4k mode) work on this image together with Raspberry Pi official 7" Display? Raspberry Pi’s one will work as main display and HDMI one will be used with Presentation API.

Yes, Raspberry Pi official 7" Display is the main display. HDMI is an extended display.