Rock PI 4 C no start green light light off

Hello everyone.

After to take Raspberry PI 4 B 4 gb of ram and I was able to install severals OS also UBuntu Mate without setting for PI I decide to buy severals ROCK PI 4 c to try if is more powerfull and becouse it should permit to work with SSD.

I downloaded and charged on SD OS from your web site but ROCK PI no start. I try to explane. I used power charged I USE with Raspberry PI 4 B 4 gb ram and also tried with USB HUB power. The light green of rock PI is ON but not flash.

Red light is off.

Please could you give me a feedback?

With HOPE Rock PI will start if I install Image of OS on SSD directly connected with rock pi it will work also without SD OS or which is procedure to make that PI work with SSD.

Thanks, Regards, Alessandro

Welcome to the forum and glad you decided to purchase a RockPi4C.
Are you using an official RaspberryPi4 5.1V3A PSU with your RockPi4C? 5V is NOT recommended with RockPi4C, nor feeding your RockPi4C from a powered USB HUB. A 9V Radxa PSU is recommended!
Did you buy an official Radxa PSU by any chance?
RockPi4C doesn’t boot on SSD3 via USB at least on linux distros. You can only boot from eMMC, uSD or NVMe via HAT that requires some slightly modification via U-boot bootloader.
It’s always recommended to use official Radxa PSU’s with your RockPi4C as follows:

Hi. Thanks for fast answer. I should to take care also about cable I use with power supply you suggested me?

If I would do a cluster with ROck PI 4 c so I cannot use USB UB power. Which power supply you suggest for it?

Considering I’m in sud of Europe there is no a fastest way to buy your supply?There is same product on amazon. I would no wait long time before start to use and test my new rock PI 4 C. There is a manual that explane how lights should work for a correct use as in raspberry Pi?

About SSD I have already connected directly NVMe( I liked rock pi most of for this that Raspberry PI had not) Please could you tell me where find procedure of modification via U-boot bootloader?

Thanks a lot for suggests

A high quality USB-C cable is already recommended when using a USB-C PSU.

I wouldn’t known about Rpi4 cluster mode PSU requirements.