Rock Pi 4 C+ and Pi 7" Display using DSI

Hi, I’ve bought a RP 4C+ to test as a replacement for Raspberry Pi4. We normally use the official Raspberry Pi 7" touch display however the DSI connector on the 4C+ appears to be smaller than the ribbon cable I have.

I’ve looked at all the other Rock Pi’s and the connector looks like the standard (15 pin) connector on a Pi … why is this one different?

Does anyone know if there is an adaptor available to go from screen to Pi or what size I’m looking for? I know the ribbon cable is 1mm pitch / 15pin. The spec for the Rock Pi 4C+ however says its 0.3mm pitch but does not indicate what size cable is required.

Hope someone can help!

I cant help, unfortunately, but has the same problem.

This cable is 0.3mm pitch 4lanes ROCK 4C Plus/5B/Zero2 DSI to 1mm pitch 2lans Raspberry Pi DSI pinout.

Thanks for the update @jack

Were any of you able to get the Display to work? I have the cable, but I keep getting a blank screen. I’ve used 2 different fpc cables, 2 different displays and 2 different images. Everytime the display is blank.