Rock Pi 4 C+ and Pi 7" Display using DSI

Hi, I’ve bought a RP 4C+ to test as a replacement for Raspberry Pi4. We normally use the official Raspberry Pi 7" touch display however the DSI connector on the 4C+ appears to be smaller than the ribbon cable I have.

I’ve looked at all the other Rock Pi’s and the connector looks like the standard (15 pin) connector on a Pi … why is this one different?

Does anyone know if there is an adaptor available to go from screen to Pi or what size I’m looking for? I know the ribbon cable is 1mm pitch / 15pin. The spec for the Rock Pi 4C+ however says its 0.3mm pitch but does not indicate what size cable is required.

Hope someone can help!

I cant help, unfortunately, but has the same problem.

This cable is 0.3mm pitch 4lanes ROCK 4C Plus/5B/Zero2 DSI to 1mm pitch 2lans Raspberry Pi DSI pinout.

Thanks for the update @jack

Were any of you able to get the Display to work? I have the cable, but I keep getting a blank screen. I’ve used 2 different fpc cables, 2 different displays and 2 different images. Everytime the display is blank.

I am also looking into the same… I have a 5" that works with Pi, and won’t work with my Rock 5B. From what I looked into, we need to have the correct dtb overlay to enable DSI, and with openfyde I am trying out, it should have included the official Radxa LCD dtb only. Never know it is that complicated to work on ARM devices for things that “seems to be simple”, sigh.