Rock Pi 4 Audio In-Out


I am using Rock Pi 4 (I am having both 4B and 4C with me) for one of my project. I have a dedicated mobile application for my use.

I have done the configuration, settings, BLE operations like PowerOn, Advertisement of BLE, connect through mobile app (using bluetooth) and transfer data using the characteristics.

Now, I have to add the audio capability into it like, attend call, I can play a song and listen to the speakers attached to the RockPi and I can say something to RockPi mic and it’ll be listen on mobile.

I got the success in play the audio file on BT Speaker which is stored in RockPi.

Please guide me, help me.

This is not supported due to the hardware limitation. The BT module did not route to the PCM/I2S of rk3399.

Hello Jack

This should be working with this board right ?