Rock Pi 4 and next version future


My proposal for next version of Rock Pi 4:

  1. darker LED, the current one is too bright
  2. LED about power-on but relative to state of Pi, current one is always on when the power is connected
  3. second LED for /dev/mmcblk0 or other activity, configurable in /sys/class/leds/
  4. SD/microSD port with higher speed than 20 MB/s
  5. USB 3.0 not divided between USB and Ethernet and with better controller for various hardware

Guys, please share your thoughts.

  1. Agree, but i just use tape
  2. It’s adjustable if play with kernel
  3. There is 2nd LED. It just no active in Ubuntu or Debian (in Armbian it is)
  4. It’s mostly limit of microSD… or you tested high speed microsd?
  5. Erm… no idea what this means, since USB 3.0 have their own controller (rk3399 have 2 controllers for usb 3.0 and 2 for usb 2.0) and Ethernet his own. Isn’t it?

But i would prefer to have proper case… But if think about hardware…Maybe having an easy way to add one more screen would be nice. Maybe placement of elements, since MicroSd is really out of case too much
But for now it all about software. I don’t figured out how to properly build arm64 libraries to have stable 60 score in glmark2-es2…


Hi Everyone,
Regarding future…
Does anyone know how much RAM will be in next Rock Pi?
Is any chance on the future Rock Pi will have product with 8, 16 or maybe 32 GB RAM?
My 3rd question, if is any chance on new Rock Pi will be 10 GbE port ?

4sysman :sunglasses:


Ad. 4. Yes, I’ve tested very fast microSDs and no more speed than 20MB/s. I have observed that in all Pi boards I’ve had. This speed limit is destroying most of the fun with Rock Pi 4B.


Why you don’t use a M.2. SSD or a eMMC memory? They are not much more expensive as a microSD card and perform much better. microSD’s are in general not the best solution for a reliable system in my opinion.

I use the Rock Pi 4 now since more than 2 months for some few test cases. I don’t miss anything on the hardware itself (except a case for the board if large heatsink is mounted). Status lights could be dicussed for sure, but it’s for me not important :slight_smile:

But what I miss is more software support.

…i checked the competitor board “rockpro64” and they have already nine different OSes online…

I know that is much of work to provide ready-to-go images, but I think it would be really mandatory, to offer a handful stable releases, also with continuous updates for a larger market penetration.
Are there any ongoing projects so far?


Currently I am using eMMC. For your information: uSD card costs me 60 PLN where eMMC costed me over 400 PLN - both same size (64GB). So complaining about SD speed is correct here and for other boards. There are cards which offer over 100 MB/s performance and I am using one which is about 60-80 depending on the reader. So if I am limited to 20 MB/s there should be a change for such a SD port.


There’s now new sbc’s comming out with a high speed sd-card reader(Rock64 model c). But the RockPi4 doesn’t have it. You are right, these speeds on such powerful board is not acceptable. Luckily there are other alternatives for it.