Rock Pi 4 and module EOL

Hi all, I’ve contacted a retailer (Seeed) listed on radxa website, they replied saying the Rock Pi 4 Model A and the Penta SATA Hat are EOL.
Can someone here please confirm this? Thank you

Of course not. ROCK Pi 4 is so classic and we will support it at least 8 years from now.

We are going to introduce ROCK Pi 4 A+ and B+ soon, upgrading to OP1 processor, same price.

I think our distributor Allnet has Penta SATA HAT in stock. As far as I know, Seeed never stocked Penta SATA HAT.

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Hi @jack, thank you for the quick reply.

Ok I see, that’s nice I’ll be looking forward for those A+ upgrades! :smiley:
Indeed, an upgrade is very different from being EOL, and they said it was applicable to both.
It was an email conversation with their customer support.

Thanks again for the feedback, have a great day ahead!

How soon will specs be released for the new Rock Pi 4B+? Will it be capable of 8GB ram onboard? Do you anticipate it to have better benchmarks than the new ASUS Tinker Board 2S, and have a bit better price?

When do you anticipate that we will see the 4B+ available for purchase on Allnet or Seeed?

Will there also be a new 4C+ featuring the OP1 processor? What sort of gain or benefit does the OP1 deliver vs. the standard RK3399?

Just in case you didn’t googled already. OP1 is rebranded RK3399 by Google, there may a bit more GHz/temperature, but hardware part is the same