ROCK PI 3A No power is supplied through the dsi mipi port

I connected a dsi mini display, the support of which is indicated in the description of the rock pi. He does not work with her, the power does not come.
I use ubuntu. The display does not even receive power through the dsi mipi connector, although it should be by pinout.


You have the 5" (or 4.3") model similar to my 7" that i have trouble with backlight, seems the same maker.
In your case, you need to add the overlay then it will power up. If they have the same mcu (and i think they have) you will end up without a backlight. If your backlight works then my 7" LCD is faulty.

overlay: radxa-5inch-touchscreen-on-rock-3a
Please, post your progress, i am interested in your results.

what power adapter are you using? 5V or 9V/12V

The first time I used 12V, the second time I used 5V

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