Rock pi 3A newest image heavy lag

as the title says I tried the newest release of image of bullseye and focal (20221001) and discovered a really heavy lag. It can be seen just be mouse moving on the start menu that it takes a lot of time, other activities are far worse. It is therefore not suitable to me for use. Prior versions don’t seem to suffer from this bug. Also tried armbian and the lag is also present. My sbc is new, just had a new one, so I don’t believe it’s broken. Also another problem is that I can’t use nvme because after a while it freezes. I use it in combination with sd card, just replaced uuid of root, it works with usb 3.0 without issues. I know there was also a bug reported related to nvme, so I think it is not fully resolved.

Try using Wayland. Rock 3A armbian Xfce on X11 is laggy but Gnome on Wayland is quite smooth.