Rock and Rock2 (rk3188 and rk3288)

To test new builds with kernel 5, I’m looking for owners of the Rock\Rock2 models (rk3288 and rk3188).

We have some RK3188 device(Rock Pro) in the office, we can test for you. But as far as I know, the mainline broke the RK3188 support some time ago.

I use a kernel with patches. I will build a ready-made image to run from an SD card and upload it to the site. When everything is ready, I will send you a link to the image.

@jack By the way, do you have any information about the mainline u-boot for rock (rk3188). For rk3288, I have mainline u-boot 2020 that runs the system and works from an SD card (I haven’t checked it yet from eMMC, but I think it should work), and ready-made Armbian and Libreelec images for rk3288

Test image kernel 5.6.6
Download, unpack and burn the ArmbianTV image to your SD card.
Connect to the TV box and turn on the power. The system will start automatically.

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Hi, @balbes-150

After burning the armbian-focal-rk3188_20200629.img to MicroSD card, there is not output on the HDMI monitor. And the following is console log.

Bus Width=32 Col=10 Bank=8 Row=15 CS=2 Die Bus-Width=16 Size=2048MB
Memory OK
SdmmcInit=0 0
FwPartOffset=2000 , 0
run on sd0
OK! 25938
SecureBootEn = 0 0
Boot ver: 0000-00-00#0.00
 4648583 Starting kernel...@0x60408000

Hi @Stephen
On this SD card was previously recorded something (for example, any system with GPT) ? Try another version of the image of the Bullseye. They differ in the DTB used. The Bullseye version uses DTB radxaroc. The Focal version uses a combined DTB for Ugoos UT2. The UART log doesn’t show anything further ?

by the way, which TV is connected and which cable ? I have an HDMI output working on UT2.

For RK3188, there is no integrated HDMI, which converter chip does UT2 use?


My provider has problems accessing Radxa resources, so I suggest continuing the discussion in this topic. By the way, this will be useful for other users, and there will be more information and a solution to the problem.

Good news :slight_smile:


IMHO, for HDMI 66121 judging by the description from other users, the kernel is running, you need to try to wait for the system to start, the UART console may not receive data output from the new kernel.

OMG, 7 years later, radxa rock running the latest kernel. Without open source, without the community, it can’t be done. Thank you @balbes-150. Great job!

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Hi everybody,

I think that would be awesome see also Radxa at the bottom of the following page:

armbian give us great changes to have a fully community driven platform!

As far as I know, it’s in progress.

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I made a working boot (barebox), kernel 5.8.7 and rootfs (debian buster) for my rk3188.
That’s not something that could be usable because is still experimental and under progress but I’d like to share my experience here, I hope that this could be helpfull for other guys that are looking at the same goal of mine

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I have downloaded the Armbian_21.05.0-trunk_Rk3188_buster_current_5.10.27 from mega and changed the dtb on the extfile. I put the sdcard on my radxa rock, but it wont boot. I have used balena etcher to write to the sdcard. The SBC turns on, the red light stays on and the blue and green lights flash for a second, then after while the red light turns off. Can you guys help me on this?

Edit: Actually the SBC was booting, but I get no HDMI and the ethernet doesn’t work. I have also tried a UART console but it looks like the kernel doesn’t send messages to this console.
These are the last lines on the console:
[ 0.009228] Console: colour dummy device 80x30
[ 0.014152] printk: console [tty0] enabled
[ 0.018687] printk: bootconsole [uart8250] disabled