Rock 5B vendor U-Boot ethernet support


I am building the vendor uboot from with ./ rock-5b-rk3588 but there is no Ethernet support.

After looking at the schematics, seems like Ethernet is behind PCIe, is there any plans to add ethernet support to vendor u-boot?

It’s unlikely to happen in the near future. There is no rtl8125 driver for u-boot at the moment, unless someone port it from the kernel to u-boot.

I have encountered the same problem. After trying to get U-Boot to PXE-Boot for a while, I stumbled upon this post, which explains why I never got it to work.
Are there guides on how to port the driver from the kernel to U-Boot? I would love to give it a shot, but thats new for me. Maybe @jack wants to support me a bit?

We enabled USB network adaptor support in our downstream u-boot branch based on radxa sources at

We have stopped development with downstream u-boot and hope to enable PCIe networking in the upstream u-boot.


you broke some things to get a mac from your usb device ?

uboot isnt that important , npu ,vop2 better to mainline

usb networking was already broken in downstream u-boot, we fixed it. FTR, we need networking in bootloader to load images in LAVA so we can automatically test linux-next in KernelCI :wink:

Yes, those are on the list. Our status is at:


Well done! Looking forward to seeing more progress on VPU.

Also, it’d better to remove the ‘Pi’ from the board names. This generation are called Rock 5A and 5B.

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@obbardc, i am not a developer, but does this mean that the default ethernet does not support u-boot, but you guys have managed to get USB --> Network adapter to work with U-boot? So i only need a network USB adapter to be able to boot images from a PXE server or so?

And if yes, are there certain type of USB --> Networkadapters only supported?


We added USB networking support to our branch of the vendor tree here:

We have also added USB networking support to mainline U-Boot and also have got PCIe networking support going there also. It’s available here:


I appreciate you guys interact with the community directly. Thanks for that.