Rock 5B PS and heatsink

I’ve got a Rock 5B on its way from OKdo. What is the recommended PS? I’ve got a USB PD charger for my HP Chromebook that I could use (I’ve tried it on my Rock 4) but I’d rather have one dedicated to the 5B.

Also, what is the recommended heatsink?

You probably want to read the “Getting started with Rock 5B” because near the beginning it provides a link to another page in the wiki detailing PSUs that work or do not work.


NB Under “does not work” is a HP PSU.

Edit: It’s unfortunate that OKdo are kind of limited, in the sense they do not supply accessories for the Rock 5B. Heatsinks (two varieties) are available on Radxa Allnet China.

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This heatsink fits but you’ll need to splice to a smaller jst connector for fan header or attach directly to power on gpio pins.

NewHail Replacement Heatsink…

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Thanks. I looked through the “Getting Started” Wiki several times but couldn’t find that link.