Rock 5b new i2s header

A concept for this board and future Radxa boards …

Is it possible to add a second header below the 40 pin header ? This second header could be specifically for audio I2S lines. The second header could be 16 to 20 pins large.

You could map all of the I2S1 m1 or m0 lines to that header.
You could map all of the I2S2 m1 or m0 lines to that header.
You could map an I2C bus to that header.

For audio related applications this second header would be extremely useful.
For the I2S1 lines, it would need
4x I2S1_SDO*
4x I2S1_SDI*
1x I2S1_LRCK
1x I2S1_SCLK
1x I2S1_MCLK

For the I2S2 lines, it would need
1x I2S2_SDO*
1x I2S2_SDI*
1x I2S2_LRCK
1x I2S2_SCLK
1x I2S2_MCLK

Then 2 lines for an i2c bus.

If possible 1.8v would be good, however voltage domain switchable to 3.3v would be even better.

You could even go crazy and add the I2S3 bus to that header too !

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Maybe you don’t believe it, we ran out of GPIO on 5B. I think I2S is available on the M.2 E key, can you use that?

we can use that - definitely

OK - I see I2S2 there.

Unfortunately we need all 4 I2S1 output lines and at least I2S1_SDI0.

Hi @jack and everyone (it’s my first post here).

+1000 for @flatmax suggestion. At least (imho):

It’s okay on the M2 connector, but it would be for sure much easier for me with a truly dedicated GPIO header.
Try your best :wink:

I’ve got 2 reedeem codes from Ameridroid (1x 4G & 1x 8G). My final order will heavily depend on how I2S lines are broken out.

Regards from France

We will review this.

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Hey @jack any news on this ?

keep on flatmax ! i´m a big fan and own a few of your hardware.
@Radxa with the Rockpi 4 you have almost reached the goal but missed in detail. you should follow his suggestion !