[Rock 5B] fswebcam with support for Rockchip

fswebcam with support for rockchip camera is here:

  • Install the deb package on Ubuntu 22.04:

    sudo dpkg -i fswebcam_20140113-2_arm64.deb

  • Grab the image with:

    fswebcam --displayfps 1 -S 90 -d /dev/video11 -r 3864x2192 -p UYVY - > 3864x2192.jpg

Tested on Rock 5B with imx-415. Should also run on Rock 3A but not tested.

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Support for NV12 pixel format.

Tested with Radxa Camera, samples:

fswebcam  --displayfps 1 -S 90 -d /dev/video11 -r 3840x2160 -p NV12  - > 3840x2160.jpg
fswebcam  --displayfps 1 -S 90 -d /dev/video11 -r 1920x1080 -p NV12  - > 1920x1080.jpg
fswebcam  --displayfps 1 -S 90 -d /dev/video11 -r 1280x720 -p NV12  - > 1280x720.jpg
fswebcam  --displayfps 1 -S 90 -d /dev/video11 -r 640x480 -p NV12  - > 640x480.jpg
fswebcam  --displayfps 1 -S 90 -d /dev/video11 -r 320x240 -p NV12  - > 320x240.jpg

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