ROCK 5A schematics

This wiki page has the schematics for the ROCK 5B, but there are none for the 5A. Could the ROCK 5A’s schematics please be posted?

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We will upload the ROCK 5A schematics soon. The developers samples start shipping next week.

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Still waiting on this. The 5a has been released for a while now. I am trying to get the fan to work but I do not know what GPIO it was connected to and I need the schematic to find out.

if you got the original fan its not on GPIO it connects but on a white thing with 2 pins.
If you got a 5V one with black and red cables its for the GPIO and only connects the same connectors of the same colour.

I’m speaking about the JST fan connector. It is a PWM driven output that is not on by default. This means that the GPIO that controls the FET needs to be driven on by code. I would like to know what GPIO number I need to drive on as it seems that it is not the same as the 5b.