Rock 5 Slarm64 (aarch64 unofficial slackware)

Testing was not carried out due to the lack of a board, please report the results with logs.

installation README.TXT
kernel 5.10.66


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I tried the XFCE image, but it doesn’t boot; maybe tomorrow I’ll hook up a serial console to debug this.

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It’s possible that this patch is what is required to get it to boot.

The image references mmcblk0p2 as the root partition, but my µSD card actually appears at mmcblk2. u-boot didn’t manage to get that far anyway

I also manually installed slarm64 to my nvme drive using another u-boot and kernel, though it took a while to get working because findfs couldn’t find my LVM volume by UUID, and after fixing that booting failed at the fsck step because I didn’t update /etc/fstab. However, after logging in via SSH and setting up accounts, trying to log in fails with sshd writing this to syslog:

PAM: pam_setcred(): Authentication failure

If I blank the password entry in /etc/shadow then SSH works again. Logging in via public-key authentication also works.

Thanks @icecream95,

I have made corrections according to your remarks and created new images with these changes, please check. Regarding ssh and pam, images are created without a password for the root user (it is set at the first login), which is why there were these errors (you could set a password in chroot).


The new ones at least start loading the kernel, but that seems to hang before running init from the initrd… using dyndbg="file * +p" as a command line argument and increasing the verbosity shows these as the last messages on the serial console:

[   58.829525] rk3x-i2c fd880000.i2c: IRQ: state 3, ipd: 3b
[   58.830937] Freeing unused kernel memory: 5760K
[   58.834902] rk3x-i2c fd880000.i2c: Combined write/read from addr 0x42
[   58.836528] rk3x-i2c fd880000.i2c: IRQ: state 3, ipd: 3b
** 967 console messages dropped **

This was after fixing the DTB name, which is rk3588-rock-5b.dtb but specified as rk3588-rock-rock-5b.dtb in uEnv.txt.

Time to learn how to use kdb? :slight_smile:

Thanks @icecream95,
I’ll fix that too, but the kernel is what the radxa team uses for their images.

@icecream95 these images are rebuilt with new kernel configuration.


mmcblk0                 179:0    0  14.4G  0 disk 
|-mmcblk0p1             179:1    0   512M  0 part 
`-mmcblk0p2             179:2    0  13.9G  0 part /

So it is mmcblk0 after all!

It’d probably be better to use the partition UUID for the root device in uEnv.txt and fstab like most other distributions do, in case kernel changes move it around again.

After making that change, the latest image does boot and appears to work well enough. The board tends to reset once during startup because of flaky USB-PD, but that’s no worse than many of the other images at the moment.

The -server images at least are missing the dependencies for quite a few packages—I noticed that man doesn’t work ( is not there), nor does sshfs (, and without anyone wanting to install to XFS will have difficulties.

@icecream95 Thanks, reboot at the first start expands the partition to the entire memory card.

new fixed images

installation README.TXT
kernel 5.10.110


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Ive added it on the discord too if you could join it would also be cool for sharing info

Currently I get “Forbidden You don’t have permission to access this resource.”
when trying to access the README.TXT.

Access is restored, there are problems with electricity.

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Can confirm I have access now. Thank you.