Rock 5 POE HAT Available?

Any news on POE hat for the Rock 5 ?

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I was told the POEat hat was good. 23W just fine for board and ssd.

Thanks. Looks like it will not fit in the case being sold now.

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PoE board doesn’t fit with the currently available hear sink either

Will a raspberry pi PoE+ hat work?

Waveshare “type c” POE hat works (the 4 amp version without the display). But you have to find a thin heatsink solution and move the fan on the POE hat to the top of the board. The mounting hole from the middle of the rock5 is also not in the “standard” position for pi hats so the screw won’t fit into the spacer.

Have you gotten the fan to work? Tried all the usual ubuntu tricks but no luck so far. Even tried the RockPi4 poe-fan package but it’s missing dependencies on the R5B

The only way to get the fan to work is to purchase another fan:{"enabled"%3Atrue}

Then purchase a 2 pin Micro JST 1.25mm Male Connector:

Your only issue is that the fan is not in the correct position and potentially wont be able to take heat away from the processor

I’m going to try the Raspberry Pi poe+ hat to see if that will work as the fan has a better position and I’ll update if this works

@Sean did you manage to test the Raspberry Pi PoE+ hat?

@Ryu Rock5b dedicated PoE will be available sometime in April:

"We are working on a new PoE hat for ROCK 5B with slim design. We expect to release it in April, stay tuned. "



I have tested with ROCK5B and NVME SSD, with Raspberry Pi PoE+ Hat, and the board boots. I haven’t done any stress testing in that configuration.

@vrakaslabs Did you succeed to get the Fan to work with Rock5B and Raspberry Pi PoE+ Hat?
For me it works fine with the POE but I cannot get the Fan at the Hat to work

Do you have any updates there? Sadly I can’t seem to find any news regarding this new PoE hat.

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The message I got was directly from Tom Cubie at Radxa.

I guess we just have to be patient and wait to see when it comes out

Yeah I was also able to get the hat to provide PoE and the position of the fan looks to be OK for heat control of the CPU, but the issue was still getting the an on the hat to work.

I see a sale offer on AlliExpress POE HAT for Rock 4/Rock 3A and Rock 5A.

No solution for Rock 5B.

If I buy a POE HAT for Rock 5A will it still be possible to use the M.2 EXTENSION BOARD?
Will NVMe work with POE?

Which of the options can be used on Rock 5B with minimal alterations?

I need exactly RK3588 with RTL8125, since TianoCore EDK2 UEFI has PXE support for RTL8125. That’s why I need a POE HAT for Rock 5B.

You can use the Rock64 poe which will leave space for heatsink, but it’s not compatible with the rock5b case:

NVME and PCIe slots also take power from Poe - I’m using 802.3at

If your running a coral TPU in the PCIe slot you will need to clock down to prevent board overheating, although saying that I really need to look at a better heatsink.


Any updates from Radxa on this? I’d love to reduce the cable clutter on my desk :joy:

The Waveshare PoE HAT and copper shims has worked very well for my 5 boards. Heat didn’t get higher than 70C and idled in the very low 40s. I now have them in an enclosure with two fans. Temperatures stay around 37C.

you could always buy the radxa PoE hat: