ROCK 5 in ITX form factor


I found some interesting in the wiki

Very interesting product!

@hipboi what are the plans for this board? Any ETA on availability or price?

Seconded! If this comes in significantly cheaper than Firefly’s ITX-3588J I’d definitely be interested.

Happy Dragon’s Year! We are back to work from the holidays.

ROCK 5 ITX will be the most powerful RK3588 device with the latest LPDDR5, 10% faster ram than others on the market. It will be generally available in April. I think we can send some samples to developers soon.


Great news! Thanks for the Info.
Can you show us the heat management? :blush:

There’s a more accurate board placement picture now. I really am curious about the price and if it can compete with the N100 NAS Boards for around 150-200$

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I’m also very interested in such a board.

The heatsink follows the Intel LGA115x type with 75x75mm hole dimension. We choose this for two reasons:

  1. RK3588 TDP is quite low, we can just use cooler without fan(passive cooler).
  2. This type cooler cost is low, the advantage of the ARM motherboard is low cost, you don’t want a cooler that cost half of the motherboard.

Why not put ddr5 sodimm to make first board with easily removable RAM modules? Is this even possible with RK3588?
Yet another question - any chance for ECC?

If DDR5 is 10% faster maybe this will be that mysterious Rock 5B+, also with those four sata (in one 8470 connector) and two 2.5G ethernet :wink:

I would have preferred a PCIE slot (preferably 4 lanes) instead of the extra sata ports. This would have given the opportunity to try out different PCIE cards (usecase dependent) given the board could be placed in ITX case and powered by it. Not sure about the MIPI CSI connector given the length of the ribbon cable needs to be short.

with the given lanes of the rk3588 I do think using a riser from an m.2 port isn’t that bad of an option.