Rock 5 - Case + Cooling

Are there any cases around which would fit one or two 2.5" ssd(s) using the m2 sata breakout adapter or one of the following adapters?


This is my current “solution”:

JST XH is 2.54mm pitch. Isn’t JST GH with 1.25mm pitch that’s needed for the fan header?

Hi there,
I’ve read there many about case and cooling fan. But what is really needed? Headsink? Fan? or do I need nothing for the CPU?

You at minimum need a heatsink

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printed this case for my 2nd rock5. Great fit. Very tight snap.
The buttom door could have a bit more support on the side of the screw, so it would be lil less wobbly.
Great case! Thanks


Looking good!

Could you elaborate on what you mean with the wobbly screw?

Also, I can upload a version without the fan hole in the top, for people that have the official fan, like you.

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My suggestion is to add some support for the door on the buttom part of the case, so the door can rest against that.

I merely print the case and have no expertise how to edit the 3d files myself.


Hi guys, I am looking for a case with which I can use the power button properly. There are a lot of cases, unfortunately the power button can not be pressed by hand.

It runs fairly cool but yeah does need a heatsink.

Any adhesive will do wasn’t that impressed with the store blue passive but the fan version is ok.
Best solution for awesome cooling as the adjustable mounts means its a better fit was this off aliexpress.
Its such a better fit than the store ones so its just a thin spread of thermal grease and results are ready for OC even though this SoC doesn’t :slight_smile:
I did give up trying to find fans with the right headers as the above does do x2 pin fans but find any fan or heatsink with a ZH 1.25mm 2 pin header is near impossible in fact so much so I am just going to snip and solder these

ZH is 1.50mm pitch. If the board connector really is 1.25mm pitch (and not 1.5mm pitch), you want GH - at least if we’re talking about JST - although the GH series has locking tabs while ZH series doesn’t.

They fit anyway so those :slight_smile: Dunno if they are GH or it is 1.25mm think it is though and they are just incorrectly labelled.
I had one of those already and it fit and went off that

I put it under the scope and while the connector pitch is 1.25mm there’s no latch catch. So it’s not a true JST GH even if it’s the same pitch. So maybe it is a molex picoblade compatible that’s loose enough (plastic is malleable up to a point) so it works. But Hades, I’m just going with a 40mm USB fan on top of an adjustable Northbridge heatsink (faster to home off Amazon than ali-x) to avoid any further delays, complications, or incompatibilities. Besides, it’s with the network stack in a vented closet so there’s no noise fussiness.

I also have the stock fan, this would be great! :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded the top without the fan hole

Hi cf_fok,

The design is really awesome I would like to use it, but I wanted to add 3d printed buttons. Any chance you can share the CAD files. Or at least a step file, so I can make mods. Editing the stl is a hassle.

Thank you

Hi huba:

I had added the step file here. Please feel free to try it. Thank you!

Thanks. I’ll share it once I’ve got it working.

It work great now. Thanks.

Details are a bit off with my FFF printer, but SLA or SLS would look really nice.

This case looks really cool. Is there enough room for the WiFi antennas and RTC battery inside of this?

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