Rock 4Se video performance

Hi guys, I am struggling with video playback in browsers on Rock 4Se. I have a plenty of dropped frames in youtube in chromium, and playback is really choppy, even at 1080p. Youtube runs vp9 codec, and did not offer 4k. With screen at 4k the overall experience is so poor I even experience tearing while scrolling text in terminal. The rock is connected to a 4K screen with hdmi.

I tried many of the available installation builds from Radxa build’s github, including old and new debian distros. I have similar results with either kde or xfce. I rarely tried ubuntu; I could hardly see any turning on.

If anyone could suggest how to improve video playback in chromium (or any other browser) would be much appreciated. Or if you were lucky enough to find a good build from Radxa would be helpful if could share the version as I would like to try it. There are plenty of build at github, and maybe I tried only some buggy ones.