Rock 4CPlus - ArmNN tensorflow delegate on GPU

Hi all,

Has anyone managed to get TensorFlow lite working on the GPU? … The code I have working on other platforms but this one gives a Segfault

I have tried ARMNN up to the latest version - same difference. Anyone got it working?

Info: ArmNN v32.1.0
arm_release_ver of this libmali is 'r18p0-01rel0', rk_so_ver is '4'.Info: Initialization time: 11.24 ms.
INFO: TfLiteArmnnDelegate: Created TfLite ArmNN delegate.
<tflite_runtime.interpreter.Delegate object at 0xffff9d67bfd0>
Info: ArmnnSubgraph creation
Info: Parse nodes to ArmNN time: 0.08 ms 
Debug: OptimizerOptions:
    ReduceFp32ToFp16: 0
    ReduceFp32ToBf16: 0
    Debug: 0
    Debug to file: 0
    ShapeInferenceMethod: ValidateOnly
    ImportEnabled: 0
    ExportEnabled: 0
    ProfilingEnabled: 0
    AllowExpandedDims: 0

Info: Optimize ArmnnSubgraph time: 0.74 ms
Segmentation fault