Rock 4C Plus won't boot

Hello community, I hope someone more experienced can assist.

I have a new Rock 4C Plus, no eMMC.

Have flashed both the Debian and Ubuntu builds from the Radxa RockPi 4 Downloads page onto two separate 32GB micro-SD cards using Balena Etcher as per Radxa instruction. I have tried both installed into the Rock 4C Plus micro SD slot.

When I attach power (5V) via USB-C the green light powers on, the Rockchip processor warms to the touch, however there is no signal output to the HDMI cable nor to either of the USB devices (mouse and keyboard). I cannot figure out what is going wrong, please assist.

Thank you.

Which image link did you download? Make sure download the image with name 4c_plus

Hi Jack,

Thank you for the response.

You were spot on - I had used the 4C, not 4C_Plus build. Thank you.

Rgs, John

Hi Johnb,
I am using following image, seems like it works fine,
only issue is i cannot using wi-fi by now.