Rock 4C+ installation problems

I bought a rock 4C+ to play arvade games on.
In have downloaded the image but my Rock4C+ will not boot up. only a green led and no blue flashing. I suspect I downloaded the wrong image but am not sure this. But I do not know enough about it to know what I am doing wrong.
Can someone help me which image is the right one? Or can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? On you tube I can find very little of ROCK4C+
many thanks in advance

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Hi there
I also am new with rock 4c+ I tryed with the same os that I have with my raspberry and it did not work, from what I can tell the boot particion is diferent and on the OS particion also I found diferent folders and files so I am using the OS from Radxa dowload page and they work well but still a lot to do after the instalation

bedankt voor de reactie.
En welk OS zou ik dan het best downloaden? om van daaruit verder te zoeken om die arcade te laten werken?

Hello, for your project I would try recalbox, I have not tried it, but check out their page