Rock 4C+ booting and os update problem

Product in use : Rock 4C+
Product to replace : Raspberry Pi 3B

can anyone comment how we can troubleshoot this?
is this a product sample error?
any suggestions?

  1. downloaded BalenaEtcher/Rock 4C+ Debian 11
  2. in Windows PC, Debian => wrote on SD Card (32gb)
  3. SD card inserted into Rock Pi then Power/Monitor on
  4. Booting success
  5. During OS update, make us to wait for indefinite time. (more than one day) – power off, then re connect and re-boot success.
  6. OS update restarted => again, same thing. Indefinite time of waiting.
  7. Power off -> SD card detached -> Debian re-wrote
  8. Cannot boot. Nothing on the screen. Rock pi LED is green light on (no blinking)
  9. New SD Card ready => Debian written => rock pi inserted => power on
  10. Cannot boot. No screen indication. Rock pi green led on.
  11. Instead of BalenaEtcher, rufus program is used to record SD card
  12. Power connected => cannot boot. Same thing
  13. New sd card => ubuntu written => cannot boot

Please follow this guide to check if there is any serial output during boot:

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Hello Yuntian,

*** per the link you sent to us, we have executed it.**
1. USB-TTL cable made, rock connected. rock power on.
2. putty run on PC => Com3 connection error
3. we read it again, it says “putty running” in rock as well.
4. right now, when rock is powered on, we cannot boot it and no commands can be entered.

**Can you help us how to troubleshoot this? **

Thank you

The most likely cause is that the board is dead. Please contact your original seller for RMA process.

This is the link to rock 4c+ debian bullseye and we are working on it.