Rock 4C+ Android 11 screen rotation at boot parameters

Hello there,

last days I spent a lot with the Rock 4C+ (4C plus) model with the goal to make it working in portrait mode at boot and after.

According to many links and documentations, I checked the following files and found following lines, which were chanded:

  • /system/build.prop -> no changes
  • /vendor/build.prop -> I found a line as follows: ro.sf.hwrotation=0 replaced by ro.sf.hwrotation=90
    • in the same file, there are liones, which might be adjust - a hel from Radxa is required:
      1. vendor.hwc.device.primary=HDMI-A - I guess this is a correect line
      2. vendor.hwc.device.extend=DP - I belive it should be vendor.hwc.device.extend=HDMI-B, please let me know if this is correct assumption.
  • /vendor/default.prop -> I added a line as follows: persist.demo.hdmirotation portrait

With all these changes adding one after another I could not reach what I need. The screen is always in Landscape mode even if I turned it in portrait mode with adb shell commands as follows;
adb shell settings put system accelerometer_rotation 0 #disable auto-rotate
adb shell settings put system user_rotation 3 #270° clockwise

So, does anybode from radxa guid me in which file and which parameter can be changed to force the adnroid tun the screen at boot and keep it after the boot?

Thank you in advance, Vlad.

I think you need a new image if you want to boot in portrait mode.