Rock 4C+ Android 11 - can not get USB OTG connection

Hello there,

I have 6 Rock 4C+ boards with 32Gb eMMC modules. My goal is to use 4 of them in vertical (portrait) orientation and with Android as I have my own Android app. The portrait mode comes from installation - screens are fixed in portrait orientation.

So, there is no orientation option in Android Settings from Radxa Android 11 image. I learned that I can change the orientation from terminal, as usual Android setting command, which is explained here, for example: Android 12.1 - Rotate Display - Help Please - ROCK 5 Series / 5B/5B+ - Radxa Community

The problem with the command - from local terminal app in Android I cannot get it executing due to the lack of permissions, but I cannot connect with Type A USB - Type С usb cable to get connected with OTG USB port (upper blue Type A USB port) - it just doesn’t work.
The board doesn’t have the hardware switch as in many guides are mentioned.

Trying to force the driver to switch the port into OTG mode as described in the post USB OTG not working properly RockPi 4b - ROCK 4 Series / Troubleshooting - Radxa Community gives permission denied with corrected command line as follows:
echo -n “peripheral” | tee /sys/bus/platform/drivers/rockchip-usb2phy/ff770000.syscon:usb2-phy@e450/otg_mode

Using apps like iRoot won’t help - access denied.

Can anyone has any advise or idea how to get the root on Android 11 or how to set portrait orientation maybe into initrc.sys file or similar if it exists in Android?

Now, based on the post “Android 12.1 - Rotate Display - Help Please - ROCK 5 Series / 5B/5B+ - Radxa Community” I checked Github and radxa/manifest and found the latest Android 11 image from 26 05 2023 for Rock 4C+, now I am downloading it and I will check if any luck is there and publish result here.

Thank you in advance for any tip or idea, Vlad.

No luck with latest Android 11 image. But getting connected via WiFi debugging allows to rotate the screen with standard android commands as follows:
adb shell settings put system accelerometer_rotation 0 #disable auto-rotate
adb shell settings put system user_rotation 3 #270° clockwise

The question which is open - how to save those changes permanently as after each reboot the Android returns back the Landscape orientation.