Rock 4 SE: [solved]Real Kali-rolling build need resize rootfs script

I’ve build a kali image and need help to auto-resize rootfs, i have a config and a rootfs partition, and downloads from radxa repo(bullseye) are welcome. I’ve used a pure kali docker-build with original radxa firmware-drivers i added the repositorys with lower priority (debian-bullseye, radxa-bullseye, radxa-rockchip-bullseye) to stay on kali-rolling release. I’m sorry for testing kodi on kali but the movies run more smoothly on kali then on official debian builds from radxa. The 6.1.0-kali7-arm64 Kernel works great on Rock 4 SE. Please help me to finish my project. The preview you can find on my github page
My docker image is more up to date:
Resize rootfs on first boot is integrated and every package included in a Kali Linux xfce Default image is installed

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i found a solution!

my ‘/etc/rc.local’ file:

#! /bin/bash

if [ -f “/home/kali/resize_root” ]
/etc/init.d/resize2fs start
rm /home/kali/resize_root

i added the ‘/etc/init.d/resize2fs’ script from

sudo chmod +x /etc/rc.local
sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/resize2fs

and now, if you want to resize(grow) root-filesystem on next boot, just create the file ‘/home/kali/resize_root’

And the magic is done!

I will upload an updated kali image today 2023-05-07 as kali-final-2023-05-07.img.xz

Thank you very much, i hope you will enjoy my build!